Always onward.

One thing that's hard for me sometimes is that I want to explore every type of photography and create in so many new types of ways. People who are smarter at marketing and branding than I am would tell me to just settle into a niche, no matter how bored I am, and just hammer them out. Shoot the same location, shoot the same poses, shoot the same lighting. I'm afraid that I am not designed to do that. Lately I've heard some feedback that I'm known for photographing in a darker way, which was great news because it gave me a chance to try and shoot lighter. I'll always be drawn to more moody photos, but there are so many textures available to make that a reality and what is moody without the contrast of joy? I guess what I'm saying is if you see a variety of looks coming up, don't be dismayed. Just let me know which of the looks you have been enjoying and I'll make sure you get that in your shoot :). This is Alex and she's been great at helping out when I need to be creative without a predetermined result. Part of my inspiration for this shoot was a Sue Bryce type of look, which is usually the furthest from my photo vocabulary. I even tried to be ok without perfect sharpness which has been a priority for me in the past.  I will continue to grow and evolve, but the exciting thing is that I will be able to reference the ways I used to shoot as i go, so if I need to go back to a thing I learned earlier, I have that in my repertoire.  Always onward :-).