St. Mary's wedding - Tracey and Ryan are married!

Can you believe this wedding? Set at beautiful St. Joe Farm, and beautiful St. Mary's college, it was a visual feast.  We dodged rain showers and the day fell together perfectly when we needed it to.  I had such a fun time hanging out with Tracey and Ryan and getting to see how much they meant to so many people.  Congrats guys!  

P.S. check out the surprise bagpipe band after the ceremony! 

Mike and Cassidy are married!

Beautiful spaces! Wild fog!  Beaches! Sun!  This day had pretty much everything.  We started cool and foggy, and ended sunny and warm, which meant we got to take photos in every kind of light.  I loved how Mike was always watching out for Cassidy and how dedicated to family they both were.  It was a great day, filled with wonderful people. 

Andy and Angelica are married!

A beautiful (warm) day at Country Strong with Andy and Angelica.  One of the first things that came up when we met for the initial consultation was that they were both firefighters and I was pumped to be able to get photos of them with the trucks both in their engagement session and on the wedding day!  Congrats, you guys!  Was happy to be there celebrating with you.  

Logan and Hannah are married!

Beautiful day, starting in Oakwood Resort in Syracuse,  and ending at Bread and Chocolate in Goshen, IN.  Since Logan and Hannah are from Cali, it was first time meeting, but they immediately made me feel at home and great about photographing the wedding. I love the first look location with the lake in the background and there were so many photogenic moments throughout the day.  Congrats guys! It was an honor to be there. 

Kaitlyn and Matt are married!

We had so much fun wandering around Elkhart for, Matt and Kaitlyn's engagement session, that I knew the wedding would be great as well.  It did not disappoint.  There were tons of fun elements like a grandmother's pearls, and wedding Keds, which makes my job easy, and I loved Kaitlyn's freewheeling attitude to the whole day.  Enjoy the blog! 

Matt and Emilie are married!

Matt has been in my music circles for a long time.  It's been more than 10 years ago that I was recording his band, and probably 15 years since he was hanging out at the same shows we were playing, so it was an honor to head back down to Dayton and photograph his wedding. 
I loved getting to know Emilie a bit too.  She was a so genuine about her excitement to get married, and there was a touching sincerity that was apparent in both of their vows.  On top of that, they picked a stunning venue.  I had a blast photographing this wedding, and I hope you enjoy the photos.  

Dan and Lindsey are married - Grant Beachy Photo

Wedding number 2 in the books.  I know you are supposed to have lots of flowery descriptions to help with blog SEO but there's a reason I'm a photographer, not a writer.  Sometimes it's easier to describe with photos, and let them do the talking.  Congrats guys.  I was happy to be there.