Veronica is a Quinceañera.

Something totally new for me.  A Quinceañera can feel similar to a wedding celebration but in emphasis and tradition, it is very different, with it's own customs and cues.   I had such a great time learning more about this important time, and it was an honor to photograph it.  

Bone Thugs-n-Harmony

Two weeks ago I got an email asking me to photograph a performance at Four Winds Field in South Bend.  I assumed it was for a national anthem as my brain went to baseball, but after a bit of research I discovered it was for Bone Thugs-n-Harmony who was playing with Ludacris.  Woah.  No way I'm passing that up.  After a few emails back and forth, I met Flesh at their hotel, and went on a wild ride.  After asking "is there anything you don't want photographed?" the answer was "No. Photograph everything.  Get on stage if you want. Take portraits."  You don't have to tell me twice.  I had a blast getting to see some BTS of one of rap's most enduring groups, and appreciate the faith they put into my photography.  Here's a bit of the evening.  

Sam and Kristin are married!

My worlds collided when I photographed the wedding of a guy who I've been collaborating with in the recording studio for years.  Congratulations Sam and Kristin!  The wedding was lovely, and we had a blast meeting the fam as well.  

Meagan McNeal

Meagan is an awesomely talented vocalist from Chicago, but she's also just a great human being. We got a chance to work together on a hot humid day in July, and while usually I write a few things about the shoot,  I increasingly don't really feel qualified to speak for my subjects.  We are both bringing our own experiences and goals, but my best way to communicate is in taking the photos, not describing them.  With that in mind, I asked if she would be willing to tell her story....  

1. Who are you?

I am a life force wrapped in flesh and bones; connected to ALL things living and continually working to understand, more deeply, my place in relation to them. 

I'm a lover of love. Flawed and perfect. A mother, sister and friend! I live for great experiences and amazing food! I love adventures and learning new things. Ta daaa! 

2. What were your goals with this photo shoot?  Were there things you saw in other photos I took that you wanted to capture in yours? 

When I sat down to concept this shoot,  my goal was to have  you capture clean, neat photos that would show my personality. I knew that I wanted to leave space for vulnerability and body positivity. When I looked at your work, it seemed as though you'd caught the spirit of  your subjects. I felt like I knew them. I wanted to create something similar.

3. Were there any surprises when you saw the photos? Were there things accomplished that you didn't expect?

There's a photo that reminds me so much of my great grandmother and her smile. It was overwhelming. I couldn't have prepared myself for that. Such a beautiful tribute of sorts! 

I was also shocked by how photos could be so striking, without all the frills - No make up artist- and VERY little makeup. Modest wardrobe, and by "wardrobe" I mean a white blouse and a pair of jeans! 

Something really raw and unassuming happened that day - it exceeded my expectations. 

Josh and Carly are married!

and the blog is here!   We had a great day for photos, and I appreciated how sincere the entire process was.  I know they took it seriously, and I wish them many years of blessings.  Congrats!