Justin and Sarah are married

First wedding of the year! A brutally cold day in January, that was totally negated by having an amazing venue with Sylvan Cellar Event Center in New Rome, IN.  It was a great way to start the year, and I'd be surprised if we manage to match the amount of dancing that happened in any other wedding this year.  The bar has been set :-). 

Venue: Sylvan Cellers Event Center

Makeup: Angie Gibson, Tru Aura

Wedding dress and Bridesmaids dressed: One Fine Day, Ft Wayne

Catering: Molly with Emma Cafe and Catering

Cake: Courtney's Bakery, Ft Wayne

DJ: Izzy with Quattro Systems, Ft Wayne (he rocked)

Donuts: Rise and Roll Bakery, Middlebury

Popcorn: Yoder's Popcorn, Topeka