There are many different reasons to have a portrait session.  Some mark a milestone like senior year.  Some are used to help show the best you to potential clients or programs. Some have a message that we need to achieve, and some are simply for the joy of creativity.  I've been honored to have organizations like Notre Dame Football, Edible Michiana, Timberline Team Marketing, and many individuals trust me when it comes to taking a portrait that represents who they are in an innovative way.  I love the technical side of photography, but when it comes to people, I work to capture something more than cool perfection.  I am committed to letting natural beauty come through.  What does this mean?  It means that I will spend more time listening, and less time in Photoshop.  It means that done right, we capture something deeper than skin. 

Bring me your craziest ideas and dreams for a shoot.  I want any portrait session to be an adventure in creativity, and I want to leave you with an iconic portrait that you pass on to another generation.  Nothing less will do.  

Contact for a quote on your unique session.