Wedding Day Resources 

Sample Wedding day timeline


Portrait Resources

Pick outfits you feel great in! Feel free to pick the look you want, but remember that the more trendy the clothes are, the more they will place you in a time frame 10 years from now. :-)

Think of interests you would like to highlight.  People that bring personality are great to photograph!

Be prepared to have fun and be a little ridiculous. The best photos are made with an experimental approach.


Family Photo Tips

Pick well-fitting clothes that you feel great in.

Avoid busy and/or competing patterns. They can pull the focus away from you looking your best.

Match your color palette with your surroundings. Avoid hot pink or bright hues if you are photographing in nature. 

You don't have to be too matchy-matchy.  Feel free to mix it up within a simple color palette.  

Consider where the photos will be hung.  If you decorate with bright colors, you may like more colorful photos, but bright colors can distract from a neutral decor.  

 Feel free to bring unique ideas! I much prefer to get action photos instead of stiff posing.  I want this to be fun, and will work to make it an efficient and enjoyable process with fantastic results.